Reason to be formed

Saint John Baptist de La Salle established a unique group of lay religious men dedicated exclusively to education – the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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Examination Procedures for Students

1. The seating arrangements made by the Examination Board must be strictly adhered to.
2. Students are not allowed in the exam rooms before the assemblies.
3. The students must enter and leave the examination room in perfect order and silence. This
order and silence must be maintained throughout the examination time.
4. Students are allowed to take with them into the examination room only articles necessary
for their papers. Students must leave everything else. bags‘ books, notes etc. outside the
Examination room at their own risk.
5. No student may change the place allotted to him’ her without the permission of the
6. A bell will mark the beginning and the end of the examination.
7. Answer sheets will be provided to the students at their places by the invigilators.
8. Students must remain seated throughout the examination. Any student requiring help or
answer sheets should raise his' her hand and wait for the invigilator to approach him,' her.
9. All answer sheets used by the students must be initialed by the invigilator. Any answer sheet
handed in for marking without these initials will not be considered.
1O. A student absent for an examination or practical will not be given another chance to sit for
that examination or practical for any reason what so ever.
11. Requests from students or parents for review of marking will not be entertained.
12. Borrowing and lending is not permitted in the examination room.