Reason to be formed

Saint John Baptist de La Salle established a unique group of lay religious men dedicated exclusively to education – the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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Guidance & Pastoral Care

La Sallian education has a long—term goal of preparing young people to enter the world as active
participants in society and becoming responsible contributors. It therefore provides more than just
academic opportunities. Guidance and pastoral care serve to develop the whole personality of every
individual pupil in all his dignity— spiritual. emotional. social and physical. Pastoral care is about looking
after the total welfare of every student through the creation of a caring and well—ordered community. This is
to help the student in his personal development as well as the development of a better society.

Fundamental Objectives
1. To help students to adapt. grow and develop their potential.
2. To provide individual counseling guidance to pupils who are in need of assistance.
3 To adopt a whole school approach and involve every member of the staff in guidance and pastoral

School Objectives
1. To foster a caring and well ordered community environment conducive to character formation and
academic development.
2. To initiate all members of the staff into the La Sallian concept of education which obliges teachers to
"touch the hearts" of their pupils.
3. To implement a code of conduct that conceives discipline as;
- A personal value combined with self mastery.
. A social value which encourages mutual respect and permits social participation
- An effective value in work that guarantees a good use of time.