Reason to be formed

Saint John Baptist de La Salle established a unique group of lay religious men dedicated exclusively to education – the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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School & College Regulations/Statutes/Policies

Coats: The school blazer is of dark blue color and should always have the school badge.

Double-breasted coats are not allowed.
Sweaters: Only blue V—necked sweaters are permitted. Brand names, emblems or colorful and  fancy patterns are not allowed.

Badges: The school badges must be worn. If the plastic coating is missing. the badge must not be
worn. The following are the authorized badges:

1. Chief prefect badge
2. Assistant chief prefect badge
3. Secretary Prefect Badge
4. Prefect badge
5. La Salle contact badge
6. Monitor badge

Stylish clothing not conforming to the above regulations though in approved colors is not permitted.
Ornaments like bracelets. rings of any kind are not allowed. Watches are the only accessory permitted.

The teachers and discipline committee members will make regular checks of the uniform to ensure the