Reason to be formed

Saint John Baptist de La Salle established a unique group of lay religious men dedicated exclusively to education – the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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Bishop F.B Cialeo, OP. first Bishop of Multan who had requested the La Salle Brother to run his English medium school in Multan in 1959 felt the need, once he had been transferred to Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) to have them start a similar school in the Peoples Colony where the school now stands.
The La Salle Brothers took over in September 1961 when classes 6 to 10 began to function in the present Brothers’ residence, pending the completion of the school building where the school shifted in January 1962 and new entrants to classes 4 & 5 were also admitted. The rolls stood at 196 on January 10, 1962 but numbers increased steadily and with the opening of the nursery section we soon got into four figures.
The figures as on 01-04-2011 were as follows:
No. of students on Roll 2351. Besides the 4 Brothers, forming the present community, the faculty comprises of a permanent teaching staff of 113 secular teachers: 45 men and 68 ladies. The domestic staff comprises of 23 men and 4 ladies.